Connecting to your community

Building and expanding our resilient community in Reikorangi.

Need to be heard?

Join the Reikorangi Resident's Association - we are here to provide support and encouragement to our local community and a voice for Resident's of the Reikorangi Valley.  Want to sign up?  Download the membership form from the Contact Page.

building for the future

Providing facilities for our community to enjoy and share with the wider Kapiti Coast Community, the Reikorangi Resident's association is here to:

  1. Represent the interests of the Reikorangi Community
  2. Establish, Maintain, and Provide facilities, grounds andevents for the use of the Reikorangi Community
  3. Preserve the history and environment of the Reikorangi area for the use and education of future generations
  4. Raise funds for community projects that benefit people living in the Reikorangi area


We have secured funding for a public toilet at the end of Mangaone South Road for the Mangaone Walkway - we are hoping to partner with DoC to get this project completed.

Ngatiawa Bridge historical marker is complete- project managed by Mark Gibbin - watch for it at the top end of Hall improvements are ongoing

Playground - getting quotes for this project now!

Contact Julia Palmer for more info



This marvellous marquee is available for hire from the Resident's Association at $650 per event, conditions apply.  50% discount for Residents Association Members:  Contact Trina 027 431 7316